Who We Are.?

Our Mission

My family is comprised of my husband, cats (some rescues), dogs, chickens, and our Children and Grandchildren. Our house in not super large but it is very homey and has a decent size yard. The yard is equipped with security fences and a pet safe system that contains our pets. We believe all animals should experience fresh air, natural sunlight, and be stimulated by nature’s creatures and its marvels as long as they are safely and comfortably enclosed.

Our small cattery that operates at home is a place where cats are free to roam inside the house, and outside within the safety of their enclosure. Here, cats grace us with their therapeutic presence. We return the favor by making sure they remain safe, happy, and healthy.

Fur Kittens

Extraordinary Experiences

On occasion, we breed our cats and have Kittens for Sale. Our kittens are raised with our family with lots of love, attention, and proper socialization. Our cats are normally not caged, they live free in our home, sleep in our bed (when they choose), and roam our home. The only time one of our kittens is enclosed (in a specially made large enclosure) is when we need to provide a safe environment for a cat to have a litter, when a cat may get ill and needs to be separated from others, to quarantine a new arrival, and for our intact, stud cats (to prevent unwanted breedings and to prevent harm to other cats). We use CD&E enclosures in order to provide the roomiest and safest environment when needed.

What goes into breeding kittens.?

Do breeders make a profit.? Most breeders will say no because sometimes the profit is very marginal. Most breeders are not breeding to make a profit. I am a passionate hobby breeder, I do not breed kittens for a profit. I love watching the stages of raising my kittens it gives me so much happiness. A huge proportion of my expense goes towards keeping their environment clean and disinfected, buying the best food I can to keep the kittens well-nourished, advertising, website, seeing to their proper socialization (exercise equipment, toys), maintenance, grooming supplies, carriers, supplements, nursery supplies, CFA registration fees, pet insurance, routine exams and vaccinations, etc. Overall the return, in terms of the personal satisfaction is very much worth the large investment and the expenditure of time in creating my program.

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