Who We Are.?

Our Mission

My family is comprised of my husband, cats (some rescues), dogs, chickens, and our Children and Grandchildren. Our house in not super large but it is very homey and has a decent size yard. The yard is equipped with security fences and a pet safe system that contains our pets. We believe all animals should experience fresh air, natural sunlight, and be stimulated by nature’s creatures and its marvels as long as they are safely and comfortably enclosed.

Our small cattery that operates at home is a place where cats are free to roam inside the house, and outside within the safety of their enclosure. Here, cats grace us with their therapeutic presence. We return the favor by making sure they remain safe, happy, and healthy.

Fur Kittens

Extraordinary Experiences

The kittens cannot leave our cattery until they are completely weaned off their mom, eating both wet/dry food, drinking water, litter and scratching post trained, and are well socialized. (8-12 weeks old).

Every cat breeder has their own opinion on when kittens should be able to leave the cattery. I personally feel if the baby is already on it’s own in terms of eating, drinking, using the litter box, scratching post, and is well socialized it is better that the kitten bonds with the new family instead of us.

It is also nice that the new family gets to enjoy that phase of the kitten’s life as well. The kittens are sold as indoor pets only and come with a contract which states a health guarantee.


Our Core Values

We breed both the traditional doll-face (pointy) and flat-faced Persian and Himalayan kittens and Main Coon Kittens. We also have exotics which their eyes are larger and rounder.

Prior to you getting your new furbaby we will help you get prepared beforehand by providing you an information sheet on which food to buy, what litter we use, scratching post, tips on how to make your home kitty friendly etc. Some breeders charge an additional fee for your new kitten to be bathed prior to leaving their cattery. We do this free of charge.

We do personally deliver our babies to you for a fee (the fee depends on your location and we only deliver to specific locations). We do ship by air as well, because we found it to be less traumatizing to a kitten and won’t affect the kitten’s personality.