Health Guarantee

Kitten Health Guarantee

Congratulations on the decision to purchase a new Himalayan or Persian kitten.! We are sure you will enjoy the newest member of your family.

Our pet quality Persian or Maine Coon kitten is one that will make a great companion for any owner, and it is as healthy and cute as its’ littermates. A pet-quality may have one or more physical characteristics that are not desirable in a show-quality cat as defined by the CFA breed standard. This could mean that the kitten does not have a “flat” face or some other similar “fault”. Pet quality kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to being placed in their new homes. More information on Early Spay – Neuter study and results. Pet quality kittens are priced depending on quality, color, availability, and other factors.

Sweet Fur Kitten

Our Guarantee To You.

We guarantee NO problems, and offer this health guarantee. At six weeks kittens lose antibodies because the immunity which was provided by it’s mother from nursing starts to wear off as a kitten is weaned. When our kittens are six weeks old we have all kittens examined by a licensed Veterinarian. Due to immunization controversies, we no longer immunized our kittens, We leave that up to the new pet parents to do if they wish. We do provide a schedule of immunization recommendations. We keep detailed records of exams and kitten development, and provide it along with a Health Certificate from a licensed Veterinarian, along with Persian Kittens Himalayan written Health Guarantee to new pet parents.

Hereditary & Congenital Defects.

We further warrants that all our kittens are free and clear of known feline hereditary and congenital defects. We guarantee all kittens leaving our home are healthy for a one year period. To be valid, the new owner must have our kitten seen by a licensed Vertinarian within 5 days of leaving our home to verify the health condition of their new kitten. If the new home has multiple pets, our kitten should be kept separate from those pets until seen by a Vet. We do not advocate declawing (ever), or spay/neuter before at least 10 months of age. If planning on either, we’d appreciate notice of your plans, and our guarantee becomes null and void after any surgery to the kitten.

Feline Vaccinations.

Distemper Virus (also called Panleukopenia) – Extremely contagious, often fatal to adults, almost always fatal to kittens. The actual distemper vaccine includes: RhinotracheitisCalicivirus & Chlamydiosis.

Feline Leukemia – Number one infectious killer of cats in the US. Any bodily fluid of an infected cat (tears, urine, saliva, blood, etc.) can transmit the disease. Drinking out of the same water dish, playing together, fighting, breeding, or any other contact can also tansmit it.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) – Acts upon the immune system, eventually causing permanent liver and kidney problems. Transmitted through any bodily fluids and is also airborne.

Feline FeLV / FIV Test.

Every kitten is not only vaccinated for FeLV and FIV, they are also tested for it. And since vaccination is ineffective if it was passed on from the kitten’s parents, both parents have been tested negative, and vaccinated for FeLV and FIV before mating. A rabies vaccine and a distemper booster is also given at this visit. 

For kittens with a family history of vaccine sensitivity, it is recommended to separate the FeLV & FIV from the distemper booster and rabies vaccine, until the kitten is at least 6 months old. It is also recommended to have a shot of diphenhydramine (Benadryl) before any vaccines to avoid possible allergic reactions to the vaccines.We participates in several Veterinary Health Care services and plans, and can work with you to help you obtain low cost Veterinary services for your new kitten.